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All of our stylists have many years of experience behind the chair. With specialized talents and advanced education, we're confident in providing a uniquely curated service that encourages all latest trends in style. 

Emily Vrieling Owner

Emily Vrieling

Owner / Stylist

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My career started in Downtown Seattle and has taken me all around the PNW as a stylist. From artistic teams, luxury seattle salons, to highly rated boutique salons where I was fortunate to establish so many beautiful relationships from clients to co- workers. I’ve grown so much as a stylist and i’m happy to finally pour the passion I’ve accumulated for this industry over the years into a place of my own. I specialize in cutting and lived-in custom blonding. My custom sessions are designed to provide everything your hair needs in the time frame you book.

Calla Johnson Stylist

Calla Johnson


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First band/artist you saw live?
"First band I saw live was Aerosmith (favorite artist I’ve seen live was Bryan Ferry. Dying to see Sade)"

Signature dish:
"In the summer, sardine pasta. In the cooler months, beef Bourguignon. "

What is your specialty service:
"Balayage! I love a natural looking highlight. Kids hair that’s been highlighted by the sun is what I’m always aiming for - ribbony highlights, poppier at the ends, seamless towards the root - balayage is my favorite. I would paint hair all day if I could.  

Favorite way to spend a Saturday night? "Hopefully it’s warm out and I’ve done something fun outside during the day. I get home, feed our dog Lefty, make a spritz, put some Jazz or something fun on the Sonos speakers and cook  dinner with my partner, Mike on our little patio. Maybe it’s pizza night. Maybe Mediterranean bowls. Lefty’s strategically laying at our feet, hoping something will “fall” onto the floor. Then we clean up and go for an evening walk. That’s my perfect Saturday night. "


Mike Sposito 


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What is your specialty service?
"Men’s hair of all lengths, from fades to long. But really my specialty is listening to people who probably don’t know how to talk about their hair and/or don’t know what their hairstyle possibilities are…beyond cutting technique, I believe my true strength is being accessible and that of a great communicator."

First band/artist you saw live?
"First show I actively bought tickets to, was The Cure with Echo and the Bunnymen, 1996, I was 12 or 13. We just saw The Cure  again a couple months ago, and I thought they were old then! But still so good"


Hidden talents?
"I grew up riding horses competitively, even professionally for a bit. Definitely a side of me that most people I know don’t get to see."

"I started golfing during the pandemic, I’m obsessed with it even though I’m not any good, yet!"

Marco Saenz Stylist

Marco Saenz


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What’s your signature dish:

"Right now I’m enjoying the simplicity of chilaquiles Verdes."

What’s a surprising fact about you:

"I would love to be a real life witch."

Who’s been your biggest inspiration:


What makes you love this career:

"The feeling of renew from a haircut and the uplifting it brings to people’s life’s. That’s payment to my soul."


Lindy Horne


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What makes you love this career:
"I love my job as a hairdresser because helping women feel beautiful and like their best self is so fulfilling. We don’t always take time as women to give ourself that extra couple hours to sit in a chair, relax, reset and have someone pamper you and walk out feeling 110 percent better then when you walked in. "

What brings you daily joy:
My husband, 3 boys and 2 pups bring me the most joy… and champagne

What's a surprising fact about you:
I do not like and will never like Disneyland

Who's been your biggest inspiration:
My dad 


Elizabeth Porter


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What is your specialty service:

"Razor cuts and vivids"


What inspired you to join this industry?

"I’ve always loved the beauty industry and how much it changes day by day. I want to make others feel good while expressing their true selves! "


What about you surprises people?

"I’m a singer and I am from Pennsylvania, moved here 6 years ago!"

What is something you believe strongly in?

"It is never too late to follow your dreams!"


Brittany Severson


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Shea Oden


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Teasa Johnson


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